About Dino park

"There is one empire in Serbia, Dino Park Zlatibor, the best location for love and friendship."

Dino Park is a theme park that provides unique entertainment for all age groups, from 1 to 101 years of age. It is located on a magnificent surface of 6 hectares, in the center of Zlatibor. Far from the city noise, in clean air environment and surrounded by a beautiful pine tree forest. At this location, regardless of an age group, everyone  can find their own corner to enjoy. Twenty multimedia replicas of the dinosaurs of Kreda and Jura age and twenty content from the world of modern technology make it the perfect combination  for visitors from all over the world.

By entering the gate of the park, you get the impression that you enter a new dimension. At the very entrance of the park, Alosaurus is waiting to greet you kindly with both, his voice and gestures. The walkway leads you to its neighbouring Spinosaurus and Veliciraptor. Just across from them, a few meters away, you will be presented with an unforgettable adventure from the 21st century adventure park: climbing wall and zip line! The path takes you 300.000 yaers back to Homo sapiens, who is waiting for you in the cave. Across them there is a favourite young kids place, Dečije dino selo (Kids dino village) - a mixture of a traditional Serbian village and a modern world playroom. The house of animation films - 6D cinema, and the houses of arcade games, archery, quads  and air soft are located next to the famous Triceratops and his cousin Mojoceratops. A mini zoo  keeps a dangerous Carnotaurus, while the favorite Tiranosaurus - Rex keeps our horse.  Another but nothing less important company of  Brahiosaurus, Rujanogosaurus, Oviraptor, Stegosaurus, Stiracosaurus, Barionix and Psitakosaurus, Pteranodon, is waiting for you in the park of happines and games. The garden next to the magnificent lake will be chosed by every hedonist who wants to drink their favourite drink or taste some of the culinary specialties. Zorba ball, picado football, mountain car, tubing, roller polygon and trotinete are the contents  that are waiting for you in the park. An indoor playroom, billiards, sony ps4, birthday party events and our dino souvenir shop are some of the contents that make our empire unique in the Balkans.